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Eco-Friendly Board Games: Having Fun While Taking Care of the Planet

Board games have been part of family lives all around the world: American families, British, German, etc.  Board games like Monopoly are common birthday and Christmas presents. Until recently these games were not eco-friendly though. These games are made of plastic. Some board games enthusiasts had no clue that plastics are environmental pollutants. Even worse, most of those board games come with excessive packing material (plastic!). Things have started changing for the better. A large range of eco-friendly board games has appeared lately. And we sell them all!

An ecology board game allows you learning about nature, ecology and our planet. Not only that, eco-friendly board games are made of eco-friendly materials like cardboard or wood. Important to say is that these board games are not battery powered. If you want to connect with our planet while playing, buy an ecology board game for sale. At our store, we have many eco-friendly board games and toys. Buy eco-friendly board games with us and help to save our planet!

Ecology Board Game Based on the Classic Monopoly

Monopoly is definitely one of the classic board games. Almost every child and adult knows it. This game has had an interesting evolution since its creation during the great depression in America when jobs were scarce. The latest development is the appearance of a number of ecology board game variations of this classic. Let us take a look at some of them:

  • For lovers of American nature, the “Monopoly: National Park Edition” will be ideal. It features more than 60 of the most beautiful sights in the United States. Buy and sell natural or historic places in America! The wildlife living in each park and site is also included.

  • The global ecological version of Monopoly is Earthopoly. Players learn about our planet while traveling the board. Deed cards provide ecological tips. What is also interesting is that the set pieces are made of eco-friendly materials.

  • What about a version of Monopoly for those who love fish and fisheries? No problem, Ocean-Opoly is here. This game will boggle you!

  • Is there anything for animal lovers? Sure there is! Wild Animalopoly is for those who like wild fauna. Put on your safari cap and play this game with your friends.

The previous four games on the list are examples of board games for sale at our store.

Buy Eco-Friendly Board Games from Our Large Selection of Games and Toys

Besides the various Monopoly variations with an ecological inclination, there are many other options. Eco-friendly versions of Cluedo, Mahjong, Candyland, Carrom, Cosmic Encounter, Wheeler Dealer, 221B Baker Street, and Clockwork Wars are available. The ecological version of Game of Thrones has been long anticipated. Similarly, the eco-friendly version of “Batman: Gotham City Chronicles” (including a batmobile!) is in the market. Buy ecology board game with us; we surely have it for sale. We even have board games with a cooking theme.

Besides all the aforementioned board games, we have many other eco-friendly options for children. Toys like a wooden car or railway set, a stuffed cat, a wooden gun, caps with our logo, etc.  We distribute the best toy brands like BRIO, Lego, Hello Kitty & Friends, Jr. Toy Company, etc. Visit us online!