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Why Organic Teethers? You Don't Want Your Kids to Chew on Toxins.

Teething is one of the toughest moments for any parent. Kids start growing teeth and it is painful. And as a caring mom or dad, you want to soothe their pain. And there is something you can do about it! Teethers became a perfect solution. You can give your baby something to rub its gums and sink their teeth in. But now, when children related market is growing it's hard to find the best option. The first thing you have to take into account is safety. There are a lot of plastic accessories in stores. Your kids probably have them too. Most of the toys and yes, even their favorite giraffe are probably made out of plastic. And just imagine your little baby chewing on a piece of one of the most toxic materials on the planet. It sounds awful, and it is. Plastic is harmful to your kid`s health. All the toxins now have one more way to get into the baby`s body - with saliva. And what if it has little parts? It can get straight into their belly. All of these scenarios sound terrible, and we are happy to tell you that there is a way out! Organic teethers are the new wave and you can ride it too. The variety is scary. You can get a wooden teether for your kids to chew on, a bracelet or necklace made out of baltic amber to soothe teething pain in a natural way. And these are just some examples. 

Wooden and Natural Rubber Teether - a Healthy Way to Get Through Teething

There are a lot of teethers and organic products related to a teething problem. But as a parent, you have to know for sure. Non-toxic teethers are safe but will your kid like them? It is a stereotype that everything that has “safe” attached to them is either boring or looks the same. But our products broke this stereotype in an impressive way. And here are some reasons why non-toxic teethers are the best option for you.

  1. A vast variety of choice. You can have any products ranging from natural rubber teether to ones made out of wood. They can be in the form of an animal, ring, flower and a lot more. Also, there are some accessories to influence your kids in a non-direct way, such as bracelets and necklaces that made of beads of baltic amber. They are what you can call a natural painkiller and all you have to do is to put it on your baby`s wrist.

  2. Safety first! Organic teethers consist of the most natural materials available. Natural rubber is made from latex, which we are getting from a tree. Wooden teethers need no introduction. And amber that is used for bracelets and necklaces that come from amber deposits from the Baltic region. All of these products are made with a priority for child`s safety, so all the toys are made without small parts, and every Amber`s bead is close to impossible to tear off.

  3. Nature helps. Different toxic materials can provide gums irritation and even infections. But if you buy natural rubber teether you immediately get rid of such problems. Natural materials carry no harm for kid`s health, so you can use them and not think of negative effects.

Non-Toxic Teethers are the Way Forward, but Where Do You Find Them?

Kids are the future. And it`s our job to think about their health. There are many aspects to it but you can start by getting an eco teether for sale to ensure their safety. And seeing little Sophie using accessories made out of natural materials will let you know that you are doing the right thing. Make your kid`s teething natural and comfortable with organic teethers for sale!