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It is very important for the harmonious development of your child to have good toys from childhood. Wooden toys can be the best choice, as they are made from natural, organic components and materials, which means they are absolutely safe for your child. Playing with small wooden toys will develop the necessary skills for the child. First of all, wooden toys for toddlers by the Waldorf method will be useful for the development of sensory and fine motor skills of your child.


Wooden toys are back in fashion again, because they are not only more useful, less fragile, but also absolutely environmentally friendly and harmless, like plastic and rubber toys, still sold in large quantities in the mass market. Remember that when you buy eco-friendly toys for a child, you care about the environment and raise awareness in the child. Now, most wooden toys completely cover most of the assortment of children's toys on the market. And all of the wooden newborn toys for sale and more you can easily find on our website!

At the moment, the range of such goods is far from limited by cubes or cars. Almost every wooden infant toys store offers a wide range of different products that are considered the most sought after. All products are completely safe because when they are made, only natural materials are used. It is also very interesting for a baby to study the colors and various forms of wooden toys with a wooden block. And of course, it is also easy to study and a diverse animal world. Find an enjoyable toy in our shop that your kid will love full year.

Wooden toys of our store are presented in a wide assortment, which will allow you to make the right choice. Here you will find a wide selection of modern, classic and wooden toys for children of all ages. We are convinced that our assortment will tempt you because you choose something special for your beloved child.


Why are wooden baby toys so much better than plastic toys? In addition to the obvious environmental benefits mentioned earlier, there are several reasons why you should choose natural materials for a child.

  1. Wooden toys are more pleasant to hold. Natural material wears out longer and the child feels and gets used to the natural textures of wood.

  2. Traditional wooden toys are made and developed in such a way that they will long serve your child. With careful handling, these wooden baby toys can be used for a long ride. But if you get tired of them when they are old, they are easy to recycle. We offer a huge selection of useful toys for children, which is nice to care for.

  3. Value for money is quite reasonable. Durability, quality, natural materials and handicraft in production is all so that your child can have fun and have many memories and impressions for life.

Regardless of the age of the kids, you can pick up the necessary gift for the boys and girls and buy wooden baby toys on our website.

Сhildrens car and truck, building blocks and puzzles,  food plates for kitchen, preschool push-and pull games, educational letters and trainings for preschoolers, wooden newborn toys - the choice for wooden toys online is huge.

Our main priorities are utility and joy, so each of our handmade wooden toys is designed to develop creativity and ingenuity in the child. They help develop children's hand motor skills and logic, as well as attentiveness and perseverance. That is why do not hesitate to buy wooden baby toys on our website, as you will find a great number of wooden infant toys for sale right there.