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Large Wooden Blocks: ‘out with the New, in with the Old’ – Buy Eco-Friendly Toys for Your Kids

Kids have a great need to discover the world. For them, it’s a matter of life and death. If you have any doubts about this, try to look at a toddler who tastes everything within his reach. Their curiosity is the thing that drives them to exploration and play. In fact, any activity done by young children may be a game; that is why we need to pay extra attention to make 100% sure their games are safe.

Today there is plenty of toys of different types, colors, sizes, purposes, and materials. Toys are much more than just an element of fun, – they are vital in creating good motor skills, boosting attention, engaging all senses and awakening imagination. However, after some modern toys might stand great dangers: chemicals in plastic, tiny pieces a baby can easily swallow, cutting fingers with sharp edges. 

This is the main reason why the topic of toy safety is being brought up. Regardless of age, kids need to be protected from all those mentioned. Luckily for us, wooden toys are coming more and more in-trend nowadays! Play kitchen sets, wooden train, construction lego, animal shapes, large wooden blocks, sets for handmade crafts, puzzles. The list is practically endless. In fact, toys made of wood really make a wonderful substitute for plastic ones, which, by the way, take (!) 1000 years to decompose.

Large Wooden Building Blocks and Their Exceptional Educational Value

Wooden cubes make, probably, the most known children’s toys. Despite being simple and widespread, large wooden blocks don’t lose their worth: they are ideal for preschool children and toddlers. Some of them display animals, some have a letter on each side, others have plain pictures like hearts, circles, rings, triangles (which is the basis of geometry, by the way). Language learning through big wooden blocks is really priceless: beginning from separate letters of the ABC, moving to words and sentences. Matching, sorting, developing the vision, knowing about shapes and colors – all of this makes only a few of the large benefits.

At any age, kids should be exposed to simple, non-distracting toys that give them room to think and participate. And if there is such a toy, we guarantee that it would be a wooden one!

Building is another children’s favorite activity – if you buy large wooden building blocks or a set of different cubes for a 5-year-old, his happiness would be obvious. Every cube will contribute to learning life skills, explore the world and be educated in a funny way. Cubes like this come in different shapes and sizes – small blocks of 1 inch, 1,5, 2 or big ones, like 3; rectangular, triangle, circle… Besides, you might find even magnetic ones to play on a whiteboard. To find them, just type ‘large wooden blocks for sale’ and get down to choosing the perfect set.

Games like big wooden blocks are really more than they seem: specifically, they have no rival in developing a child’s concentration, learning the alphabet and building. The so-called unfinished cubes (with blank edges) often make unique things to craft a game from.

Buy Big Wooden Blocks – Give Your Children Safe Tried and True Games of All Times

We have no doubt that large wooden building blocks deserve your attention as a parent who cares about the child’s and the planet’s future. These large wooden blocks for sale await your kiddo, promising lots of fun and safety!