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The younger generation often change tastes and preferences when choosing toys. Magnetic wooden blocks from our online store will long please your child. Find a huge selection of various magnetic wooden building blocks and kits for children's creativity on our website. Note that our wooden toys are made from quality materials, completely safe for the health of the child. Environmentally friendly and harmless magnetic wooden blocks will long delight your child and give unforgettable moments of joy.

Why Magnetic Wooden Building Blocks? - Amazing Ways To Develop Your Child

Want to surprise your child? Give him magnetics puzzles or magnetic wooden blocks. He will play them every day, each time receiving a new portion of pleasure. Beautifully decorated details, which are part of the whole block, are easily connected to each other and, thanks to magnets, are attached to the metal surface. Assembling these magnetic wooden building blocks is a fun and very useful exercise that trains perseverance, contributes to the development of logical thinking and favorably affects the fine motor skills of the hands.

The variety of types of games that you can invent and implement with the help of magnetic blocks is surprising. Puzzles, constructors, building sculptures and more, you can find on our website. The original magnetic sculpture will be the result of folding such a block. The constructor is magnetic, so the very principle of how to connect individual parts and sticks will interest the child. The way in which they attract each other will induce the child to find more detailed information.

Reasons to Buy Magnetic Wooden Blocks: You Will Not Regret

Designer-maid magnetic blocks can be of different shapes and colors. An ideal way to help children develop fine motor skills, sensory skills, learn to distinguish colors. Great for an individual or group table game. So do not hesitate to get one for your child on our website. Currently, we have a great number of magnetic wooden blocks for sale, so browse through our online shop and find the most interesting option for your kids.

The details of the set can also be in the form of triangles, circles, squares and plus signs, embedded in the corresponding tiles of different colors. Children can practice sorting, matching, sequencing with bright and pleasant to the touch details of the puzzle. There are countless reasons why you’d love to buy magnetic wooden building blocks. The main reason is their quality, entertaining ability and safeness - you may let your child play with them anywhere in your apartment - from the bedroom to the kitchen.

The immaculate advantage of toys is their quality and safety:

  • All games are made of quality materials, which is confirmed by certificates of conformity and hygienic conclusions of the sanitary-epidemiological service.

  • If the child steps on the details of the product, he will not harm either himself or the details.

  • A child can enjoy the game himself or with friends, the game will work as a cool friends’ connector.

  • Easy blocks even for toddlers, you may help him to collect the details and explain the magic of the magnetic blocks.

Different types of blocks include magnetic base and individual elements. When folded, the sculpture looks very original and modern. You can group the details in different ways, creating the shape that fantasy tells. This is a great way to relax for both an adult and a child. This toy has a positive effect on the development of the child. Tiles of the blocks are made of high-quality environmentally friendly wood.

That is why you don’t need to think twice and buy it right now. As a bonus, we currently have a great number of magnetic wooden blocks for sale.