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Wooden Stacking Blocks: Great Educational Toys

Wooden stacking blocks are definitely among the best educational toys for toddlers. In fact, children’s cognitive development is often measured by the blocks a baby or a toddler can stack. Stacking blocks teach elementary geometry to toddlers. Moreover, they foster their social skills and enhance their motor coordination. That is why they are so important since an early stage.

Stacking blocks wooden have an extra benefit. They are eco-friendly. Wood is a natural material that is actually bio-degradable, unlike plastics. In general, using a traditional wooden toy helps to develop children's ecological consciousness.

Stackable wooden blocks have a high educational value for kids that already attend elementary school. Some wooden stacking blocks help to learn the ABC in a shorter time. In this case, a block has a letter of the alphabet printed on each of its faces. School kids can actually compose words and even phrases using these blocks. Other wooden stacking blocks can be used as bricks for building different structures.

Stacking Blocks Wooden: Choose the Right for Your Child

Whatever the type of wooden stacking blocks set you need, we surely have it for sale. To buy stacking blocks wooden, it is good to know the different stages of block play. Here we describe them briefly:

  • The first stage starts at babyhood. The baby carries the blocks and explores their texture, smell, taste, etc. It is important the material of the blocks is eco-friendly and non-toxic.

  • The next stage is when a toddler starts actually stacking the blocks. In this stage, a set of stackable wooden blocks is most necessary.

  • In the next stage, toddlers start constructing bridges. The wooden stacking blocks must support the construction of these basic structures.

  • A more advanced stage is when toddlers start building enclosures.  A child learns to organize the blocks properly to efficiently build the enclosure. No special requirements for the blocks here.

  • The most advanced stage of block play is when toddlers start building elaborate structures: houses, castles, etc.

You may buy a set of wooden stacking blocks for each stage. Or you can choose a set that offers the flexibility to cover all or most of the stages of block play. Don’t worry, we can help you. We have many types of wooden stacking blocks for sale. Rest assured you will find the right wooden stacking blocks for the development stage of your child.

Buy Stackable Wooden Blocks: From Traditional to Magnetic Blocks

At our online shop, we have plenty of wooden stacking blocks for sale. We stock a wide range of wooden stacking blocks, from traditional to magnetic ones. Magnetic wooden stocking blocks are equipped with a magnet to keep together all the blocks. Whatever your budget, you will find the right set of wooden stacking blocks for you.

Choose the best present for the occasion: birthday, Christmas, etc. A child will really appreciate a set of wooden stackable blocks. We sell eco-friendly blocks only. Besides contributing to the development of children, we are concerned about the future of our planet.

If you are hesitant about which set of wooden stacking blocks to buy, we can assist you. Contact us and we will help you to choose the best set for your child. We are always glad to help our customers.