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Choosing a Wooden Dolls House for Your Baby

Every parent is concerned about the safety of his child, and this is quite understandable. When a child comes into your life, you become responsible for his/her wellbeing. Being responsible means making smart decisions about what your child eats, where he sleeps and with what he plays.

Unfortunately, we often do not pay the necessary attention to what our kids play with. However, it is quite important because some basic toys’ accessories may contain dangerous chemicals, which could harm your little baby.

Why Is It Better to Buy a Wooden Dolls House Kits?

At first glance, a decision to buy wooden doll house with nice pink furniture and lights for your child may seem like a waste of money. Because, well, this is a child, and children break things in the course of learning how to handle them.

We do not argue that a simple barbie wooden doll house is a little more expensive than a cheap plastic one made of unknown materials. An interesting fact: in Victorian times, only wealthy people could afford buying a wooden doll house or other types of playhouse for their children.

Today it much easier to find traditional wooden doll houses for sale in your town, on ebay, or our website, and you do not need to pay a fortune for this toy or look for a used one. In addition to that, it is better to buy eco-friendly wooden doll houses for sale, and there are several good reasons for this:

  • products made of environmentally friendly raw materials do not have a negative impact on the environment;

  • some of them, especially wooden toys, are more durable and hardy - you can’t just break them apart;

  • environmentally friendly toys are of good impact for children’s wellbeing, because they do not have small parts and batteries that a toddler could pick up and put into his mouth;

  • most eco-friendly products do not cause allergies for children.

 Where to Buy a Wooden Doll House?

According to the opinion of the experts, when playing with large or miniature doll houses sets, a child not only has fun but also learns how to recognize colors and plain geometric shapes. The wooden dolls house kits favorably affect the mood of the baby, give a lot of positive emotions and helps with social adaptation. Below you can see a list of advantages of wooden doll houses for sale:

  • they develop excellent motor skills, observation skill, sensory capabilities, and imagination;

  • contribute to the formation of the personality of a small child;

  • improve the ability to add a variety of items and match objects;

  • children get a chance to learn how to combine colors and form their own taste.

You can buy wooden doll house kits with sound and light effects, which will also bring your kid tons of joy. Probably every little girl dreamt that their parents would buy wooden dolls house miniatures like that. And you can find this dream in our online shop.

It is worth noting that designs are made from environmentally friendly and child-friendly materials. All items in the tall wooden dollhouses for sale are securely attached. You don't need to worry that little boys or girls will swallow small figures during the game. Wooden dolls house are created for babies of three years old age and older, and there are no sharp corners or protrusions.

It doesn’t matter where you live – UK, Australia, Ireland or US – you child will most likely appreciate a good wooden dollhouse with a bunch of stairs and rooms for their dolls to live in.