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Wooden Puzzles for Toddlers: Challenge and Fun

Wooden puzzles are toys that came to stay. They are very popular among preschool-age kids. Toddlers from every corner of the world have owned a puzzle at some point. In the United States, in the UK, in Japan, in practically any country! Vintage puzzles were handmade and personalized. This means that in those days the printed drawing and the number of pieces of a puzzle could be selected. In fact, some puzzles were even homemade! Nowadays, beautiful wooden puzzles for toddlers are offered for sale at our shop.

This educational toy is recommended even for a baby that is not one year old yet.  Small children are very curious and like exploring and taking toys apart. Wooden puzzles for kids will challenge them to put the pieces back together. It will be difficult at the beginning. However, throughout the game, there will be a learning process. Babies and toddlers will develop a logic mind through their playing with children's wooden puzzles. These developed children’s cognitive and intellectual abilities will be very useful for their math courses later in school.

Wooden Puzzles for Kids of All Ages

We offer a great variety of wooden puzzles for toddlers. A puzzle set can help children learn the alphabet, the numbers, the names of animals, etc. Buy wooden puzzles for kids and give your toddler the liberty to play and learn. The most popular children's wooden puzzles for sale at our store include:

  • Wooden shape sorters, which are best for babies and toddlers. These puzzles provide hours of entertainment and joy. They also promote children's early development. Shape, color, and pattern recognition abilities of 1-3-year-olds will improve significantly.

  • Wooden peg puzzles, which are suitable for all ages. They come in a wide range of difficulty levels (depending on the number of pieces). The printed image options are practically endless. But the most popular are an animal, A Disney personage, a vehicle, a cool place, etc. Most of these puzzles come with a wooden box to store all the pieces and avoid losing them.

  • Wooden 3D puzzles, which are the most challenging. The objective of these puzzles is the same, to take apart the pieces and later, reassemble them.  But instead of a plane, the puzzle is a geometric body. Excellent for school-age children!

Buy wooden puzzles for toddlers with us. We offer personalised service to all our customers. This means we can help you to choose the most appropriate puzzle for your child. Most puzzles are relatively cheap, but we offer a discount in some cases. Look for the discount code in specific items!

Children's Wooden Puzzles with Ecological Consciousness

Buy wooden puzzles for toddlers and contribute to the saving of our planet. Wood is a natural material that does not pollute the environment. Create good ecological habits in your children through the custom of buying wooden toys only. Let us protect the color of flowers, the sound of birds, and the freshness of the air. Avoid plastic toys that pollute the environment during their production and disposal.

Shop our large offer of products. Rest assured you will find the ideal present for your baby or toddler. If you have any doubt about a product and its suitability to your kid, contact us.