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The Wooden Teether: Safe and Enjoyable Toys for Your Baby

When babies begin to cut their teeth, it is terrible for both children and parents. After all, they become irritable, restless, cry a lot, their temperature rises, the gums swell and drool. In such cases, the children pull various objects into their mouths to ease the pain. 

The wooden baby teether is perhaps one of the very first and best toys in the life of your child alongside the rattle or Sophie doll. Wood, carefully polished by craftsmen in any form, will remove the unpleasant feelings of the child from cutting teeth and itchy gums.

Each rodent is made with a love for children and care for their safety and health. The rodent will suit any baby from birth. The rodent of wood is an entirely safe toy; the shape of the toy is cut out of the solid wood and made by hand, avoiding any angles and irregularities. It also uses organic and natural materials only, avoiding using silicone or plastic.  Thus, the child can safely play with the toy, without danger of injury. Thanks to convenient holes for the handle, it is convenient for the baby to hold the toy in his small hand. At the same time, the toy is specially made in such a size that the child does not swallow it. Besides, during the game, the child develops excellent motor skills.

How Wooden Baby Teether Can Help Your Child Grow And Learn

This toy can rightly be called environmentally friendly; the tree of each of wooden teething toys is treated with edible oil. Such a protective layer will create ideal protection, besides preserves the structure of the tree. Such treatment gives the tree a bactericidal effect. That is why wooden teething toys will be an excellent gift for the baby and will be a great tactile toy. From birth, the child will actively nibble and hold in his hands his first-ever toy. But beyond that, our toys also have educational goals.

Also, the baby actively touches and nibbles this wooden teether, and it can be used for educational purposes. You can tell your child about the existence of various pets: bunny, elephant or giraffe. Show on the example of a bunny how it can be useful.. Repeatedly pronouncing the name of this subject, you thereby help the child to memorize the word quickly, and thus, the baby starts to speak faster. The toy can be used for role-playing games for babies — for example, a set of village and animals living on the farm.

The More The Better: Why to Buy Wooden Teething Toys

Having a few wooden teething toys, your baby will always be busy. From the age of 2 months, the child is a researcher. He is interested in: the shape, color, smell, taste of the toy, and he wants to try everything. Our teethers are what your baby needs. Do not hesitate to get wooden teether for sale - we have a great number of options for you.

This rodent is provided with a hole inside, which allows him not only to be held comfortably in the hands but also makes it possible to hang it on the slat in the crib. A wooden teether can be hung anywhere: on arcs in a developing rug, on a mobile, or just on a string and put these beads on mom during breastfeeding. It turns out with The toy is easily attached to a nuby by a ring. If you buy wooden teether you can make baby sling bags with rings and necklace that are able to distract your baby when he is sad or crying. So be sure to find a  great number of wooden baby teether for sale on our website.