Little Alex teaches younglings their first lessons about the world around with eco-friendly toys.
Daka shows children what style is with eco-friendly toys.
Funny Ed teaches children about kindness and cooperation with organic toys.
Nicole teaches art and creativity with eco-friendly dolls and toys.

Eco-Friendly and Wooden Toys: Safe Gaming Experience for Your Kids

Children are the highest value, that's why parents care about absolutely everything that surrounds their kid. To give children the best, parents carefully choose children's clothing, food, cosmetics, and of course, items of paramount importance - toys. We understand and share the doubts of young parents in the quality and materials, and therefore in our online store, you can safely buy children's eco-friendly toys.  Each toy you'll find here is made of the natural materials that will cause the greatest joy in the life of your child.

Why Should You Choose Wooden Toys?

Gradually, wooden toys begin to occupy a leading position in the market of children's products. Toxic plastic and rubber toys go into the background. Now, these toys aren't ordinary cubes or faceless dolls, but quite interesting, beautiful and vivid toys that contribute to the development of a child. There are two main reasons why more and more parents give preference to these toys.

  • Wooden toys are very durable and can serve more than one generation. 

  • They are non-toxic and completely environmentally friendly. 

Our store has a huge selection of educational wooden toys for children of different ages. Pyramids, cube, building blocks, puzzles, - the assortment of wooden toys is so diverse that everyone can choose a toy to their liking. Children's toys from wood for any brio activity will introduce your little ones to the animal world, flowers, numbers, letters, transport. With the help of wooden puzzles, kids will learn what a part and the whole is. With the help of wooden constructors and a sorter, the child will develop fine motor skills, attentiveness, and imagination. Play and learn!

Exclusive wooden car, races, tracks won't leave any boy indifferent. The elite wooden doll house with a nice kitchen will appeal to girls, regardless of their age.

3 Reasons Behind Buying Eco-Friendly Toys from Us 

All the toys presented in our catalog are carefully selected by us and studied with passion. Choosing toys for our online store, we are guided by 3 basic principles:

  • Games aimed at intellectual development. Forms, textures, colors, tactile sensations - everything should be aimed at the development of motility, logic, thinking, and imagination. Our collection of toys is designed to meet the needs of a child of any age. It contributes to the full intellectual, emotional and social development.

  • Safe eco-friendly materials. Toys for children, which you will find here, are selected taking into account the effects on health, and therefore are made exclusively from environmentally friendly materials. Finishing and natural dyes used for the set of eco-friendly toys do not contain toxic substances. We pay special attention to the quality of performance.

  • Reputable brands. We choose toys of those companies and brands that can only be seen in the eco toy store: Thomas, Wendy, Grimms. For example, Grimms, German brand that produces children's products combines environmental friendliness and simplicity. At first glance, toy playsets like rainbow seem to be primitive. In fact, they are various details of such shapes and colors that stimulate children's imagination and can be combined into the most unexpected combinations. In our assortment, there are many exclusive eco-friendly toys.

We offer only high-quality, environmentally friendly, pleasant to the touch and, of course, original wooden toys. The frames are perfectly polished and safe so that your baby won't be able to hurt himself/herself. If you decide to buy eco-toys for children at our store online, you'll get only positive impressions. We guarantee impeccable service and reasonable prices. Come and choose interactive wooden climbing toys, a wooden rocking horse, railway, train, a playhouse for your kid and the kid of your friends!